Volunteering to work at the Northwoods Blues Festival (NFB) in 2015 is an opportunity to become part of what has become a most exciting major annual event in the Wisconsin Northwoods area. We have lined up some major talent for this event and we expect a great turn-out of Blues fans.

To make this festival a success, we need many responsible, committed, hard working volunteers to help. For volunteering to work a minimum of 4 hours of your time you will receive free admission to the festival. Volunteers get free admission only for the day they volunteer. If they volunteer for both days they get in both days. If they Volunteer for one day, they get in only on that day. Free parking for volunteers.

Volunteer Rules

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You will need to provide picture ID.
  • You agree to hold NFB , the festival, or anyone involved with the festival harmless for any injury or illness that happens during the festival event.
  • You agree to conduct yourself in a responsible and dignified manner at all times.
  • No drinking of alcoholic beverages during working hours.
  • Any volunteer that desires a campsite, please contact Chris Alcorn

Volunteer Areas

  • GATE ATTENDANTS – collect entrance fees, make change, operate credit card machine, put wristbands on customers
  • OPERATIONS CENTRAL – serve in information/communications center connecting all elements of festival
  • MERCHANDISE SALES – sell Northwoods Blues Festival merchandise and artist’s merchandise, handle cash transactions, operate a credit card machine
  • STAGE ROADIES – assist bands in stage set up and take down, must be able to lift up to 75 lbs.
  • SECURITY – insure customers have entrance wristbands, help with audience control, report security breaches to Chief of Security
  • HOSPITALITY – Maintain food and beverages in the VIP area and the Band back stage area. Clean up between bands in the Band trailer and VIP seating
  • PARKING – Direct traffic and maintain an orderly parking area

Volunteer Schedule

Wednesday June 26th 2016 (Setup) Thursday June 27th 2016 (Setup) Friday June 24th 2016 Noon-4pm and 4pm-8pm and 8pm-12am (Festival) Saturday June 25, 2016 Noon-4pm and 4pm-8pm and 8pm-12am (Festival) *All times are approximate and subject to change.

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